Work > Homosilica: Glass is Gay

Homosilica: Glass is Gay is an experimental theatre piece investigating the fluidity of glass through the lens of queer identity. Using footage of a hot-glass performance that references the popular TV series How It’s Made alongside an on-stage narration in the style of BBC broadcaster David Attenborough, Homosilica showcases the nonbinary properties of glass and its capacity to represent the gender spectrum. In this coming-out story, pseudo-science, naturalistic documentary, and hot glass become tools for satire and absurdity, taking the audience on a journey of self-questioning and humorous discovery.

This work was performed live at The Museum of Art and Design in December 2021 as a part of the Glass in Flux program curated by Samantha De Tillia, Lydia Brawner and Gabriela Lopez Dena. Featured performances and collaborations by Deborah Czeresko, Dr. Jane Cook, Lucas Kernan, Liesl Shubel, Kathleen Anne Salzar, Rose Tablizo,El Yurmin. Homosilica: Glass is Gay was sponsored by MAD and UrbanGlass.

Performance stills by: Manuel Molina Martagon