Grace Whiteside

Through an interdisciplinary practice that often utilizes video, glass fabrication, performance, and set design, Whiteside’s work illuminates absurd acts of failure within our entertainment and advertisement industries, exposing notions of classism, sexism, and queer objectification. Whiteside’s work comes from an urgent need to investigate platforms such as infomercials, The QVC Network, talk shows, reality television, game shows, sitcoms, and most recently, department stores. Detaching these stages from their usual market and status upends heteronormativity within the realm of entertainment and mainstream marketing. This allows space for impulsive performance characters that consciously inhabit absurd feminized and homoerotic roles. Whiteside is interested in manipulating these capitalist structures by blurring lines between performer, audience member, production crew, director, accidental bystander and the “at home viewer.” Whiteside aims for total transparency between the viewer and performer, sifting through veils of comedy, performance, absurdity and satire all while investigating representational links between private and public.

For Glasswork:
Contact directly for custom order/ color otherwise, select work is sold in store and online at:
- Otherwild Los Angeles, 1768 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027
- UrbanGlass, 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
- Saint Seneca Store, 799 Cypress Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385
- Black Dog Salvage Architectural Salvage Yard and Market Place, 902 13th St SW, Roanoke, VA 24016